The Choir of Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church

An integral part of Orthodox services is a choir. At Holy Annunciation, we are blessed to have a melodious choir of parishioners who assist in leading our congregation in worship of our Lord. They are tasked with singing at services at Holy Annunciation, and are often asked to headline our fundraising dinners and other events.

Led by Alecia Gantimuroff, our singers practice most weeks in order to sing prayerfully and reverently in praise and worship of God. It would be a rare Sunday morning to have less than a dozen singers for the Divine Liturgy.

Our choir is known for being welcoming of choristers to undertake this role in worship. If you would like to join our choir, please speak to our choir conductor before or after services.

In addition to singing in church, our choir is available to sing for Sacraments and at specific events.

Some such events that we have sung at include:

  • Fortieth Anniversary Fundraising Dinner, 2014
  • Spring Dinner Dance, 2016
  • Winter Warmer Dinner, 2017

Would you like to have our choir sing at a Sacrament, or would you like to inquire further about an event? Please use the contact form below.

Honour Roll
To serve as the choir conductor of a church is a great responsibility. To honour the commitment that they have made, we would like to list them, commending them to your prayers.

  • Mrs Troitsky, 1972-198x
  • Mrs Olga Malisheff, 198x-19xx
  • Mrs Mous Brooks, 19xx-2009
  • Mr Gregory Scanlan, 2009-2019
  • Ms Alecia Gantimuroff, 2019-present

Video and Audio of Past Events
From the 2016 Spring Dinner Dance, held at St Nicholas Cathedral Hall:

From the 2014 Fortieth Anniversary Dinner, held at 66 on Ernest
Troparion of the Holy Annunciation:

A Hymn of Easter, ‘The Angel Cried’:

A Hymn of Vespers, ‘O Gladsome Light’:

Recorded from the choir room of our church
A Hymn of Great Lent, ‘O Lord of Hosts’, in the Valaam melody: