History of Holy Annunciation

Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church has been in existence for over 40 years. During that time, our parish has been pastored by 8 parish priests, and made history by being the first Orthodox parish in Australia to celebrate services primarily in the English language.

Our church was founded in April 1972 as a parish of the Orthodox Church in America by Archpriest Gregory Malisheff and other Russian migrants, who had been received into the OCA from ROCOR.  Meeting the needs of the parishioners of the time, services were held in Church Slavonic.  Originally meeting in homes, a house was purchased in 1974 and converted into a church – the same church we used for services today.  However, in 1976, on Good Friday evening, Fr Gregory succumbed to cancer, which devastated the parish. Parishioner’s needs were served by other OCA priests in Australia, and from Serbian Orthodox priests, before Fr Dimitry Obuhoff was appointed rector, serving our parish from 1976 to 1980.

In 1984, Fr John Jillions was appointed rector for a three-year term, with the direction to explore celebrating services in the English language.  For a number of reasons, a change of parishioners was seen – many founding Russian parishioners left the parish, while young Greek parishioners began attending, later joined by a small number of people converting to Orthodox Christianity.  In March 1986, Fr John Jillions led the parish council in declaring Holy Annunciation to be devoted to serving in the English language – a first for Australia. In October 1987, Fr John Bartholomew was sent from America by the OCA to serve as rector, and he returned in 1988.

In 1989, Fr Ian Bojko was ordained to be rector of Holy Annunciation.  He served for many years, and while his secular job forced him to cease serving as rector in 1995, he nonetheless continued leading services until illness forced his retirement in 2005.

A few years later, emboldened by the reunification of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR) with the Moscow Patriarchate, the parishioners approached Metropolitan Hilarion (both First Hierarch of ROCOR and the Diocese’s ruling bishop) with the request to be accepted as a missionary parish serving in English – a proposal that was agreed to by all parties.

Fr John Weir was appointed rector and, with the first services in May 2009, he led the community in reinvigorating the parish – celebrating services, leading capital works and training the choir.

In early 2010, Fr Michael Klebansky was appointed rector (in addition to his other duties), and he organised for regular services to continue from visiting priests.

Fr Alexander Borodin was appointed rector in July 2010, providing a long-term stability to our parish. The liturgical life of our parish was solidified, including obtaining many liturgical items.  The church was greatly improved, including installation of a driveway and disability ramp, replacing long-standing parts of our church (including the church floor, the veranda floor, the windows, and the cupolas on the roof), and building the Fr Ian Bojko Room.  Some parishioners were ordained – over time, this included two readers, a deacon and a priest.  Education was made a priority, with public catechism and Bible study courses.  2015 also saw our parish begin services for a small community of Orthodox Christians living in Toowoomba, which would later become St John’s Mission.

In August 2017, Fr Andrew Smith was appointed rector, where he serves to this day.

The parish is currently the only full-time English-language Orthodox parish in Brisbane, and one of only a handful in Australia.

We welcome those who have yet to experience Orthodox Christianity to come and see the riches of authentic Christianity; and we welcome those Orthodox Christians who wish to experience and explore the beauty of our faith in the English language.