25 October 2010: Fr Seraphim Slade visits our parish; Annual General Meeting.

We were privileged to have both Priest Seraphim Slade and Deacon Bill Konstantinidis concelebrate with Fr Alexander.

Fr Seraphim is a priest in the Australian Indigenous Orthodox Mission, within our Diocese.  Fr Seraphim gave a very engaging talk at the end of the service, sharing with us the beginnings of his entry into Orthodoxy and the Priesthood and his Mission in Aboriginal communities (himself being an indigenous Australian and, in fact, the first Orthodox priest who is Indigenous Australian).  We thank them both for visiting our parish during his business trip.

After the service (and after refreshments), the Annual General Meeting began.  We thank our Dean and former Rector, Father Michael Klebansky, for making the effort to come to chair the AGM, and for officially presenting our permanent rector, Fr Alexander.  A new parish council was elected, and a plan for the coming year formulated, including property improvements and encouraging people to visit our church (given that it is a perfect place to learn more about the faith).

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