Priest John Bartholomew, 1987-88

Priest John BartholomewFr John Bartholomew was born on 11 May, 1956, in Brooklyn, New York City. He completed an Arts degree in Asian Studies in 1978, and studied a Masters program in the same field before taking on teaching assignments in several NYC schools and in Japan. In late 1981 he became the English program coordinator of Nippon Kokan, a steel production firm, in Tokyo. He discovered Orthodoxy here, and began attending services in Nikolai-Do (the Tokyo Cathedral) where he was received with his wife, Doreen, in 1982.

In 1984, they left Japan so that John could attend St Vladimir’s Seminary. Serving at Our Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Church, he was ordained to the diaconate in November 1986; after being ordained to the priesthood in January 1987, he served as substitute priest at parishes of a variety of liturgical traditions. He graduated from St Vladimir’s with a Master of Divinity, completing his thesis on St Nicholas of Japan. Fr John, in addition to English, is familiar with Russian, Japanese and German.

For his first rectorate, from October 1987, he was assigned to Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, where he focused on traditional Orthopraxy. He returned to the USA after Pascha, 1988. In October 2009, he was elevated to Archpriest, and he is currently serving as an assistant priest at Our Lady of Kazan Church in Sea Cliff, New York.

Note: Fr John Bartholomew continued service within the Orthodox Church beyond his tenure at Holy Annunciation.  Another biography is available on the Our Lady of Kazan Church website.

This biography is provided as part of a parish history.  As parish priest, Priest John Bartholomew was preceded by Priest John Jillions, and was succeeded by Priest Ian Bojko.

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