Priest John Weir, 2009-10

Having converted to Orthodoxy, Fr John was ordained to the diaconate and served at the Vladimir Icon parish, Rocklea.  In April 2007, he was ordained to the priesthood, and served as assistant priest at St Nicholas Cathedral, with special responsibility for English-speaking parishioners there.  In May 2009, he was transferred to Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, where he led the community in reinvigorating the parish.

In early 2010, Fr John requested to be relieved from the rectorate of the parish for personal reasons.  He is currently serving at the Vladimir Icon parish, Rocklea, as assistant priest.

This biography is provided as part of a parish history.  As parish priest, Priest John Weir was preceded by Priest Ian Bojko, and was succeeded by Archpriest Michael Klebansky (as interim rector) and, more permanently, by Priest Alexander Borodin.

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