Parish Ministries

Working under our rector’s direction are a number of ministries that our parish has taken on.

Worship, the Sacraments and Pastoral Care: We have an active liturgical calendar, with many opportunities to encounter Christ through worship and prayer.  Regular services include our Saturday ‘Vigil’ service (6-8:20pm) and our Sunday Divine Liturgy (8:30-10:30am), and we celebrate the major festivals of the Christian calendar.  Please see our schedule for more details.  All welcome!
: If you have a need for pastoral care, please contact Fr Andrew directly.

Liturgical Ministries: Our Choir, our Readers and our Altar Servers are the three main groups who liturgically assist our clergy during church services.

Parish Council: Elected at our AGM each year, our Parish Council is responsible for co-ordinating parish activities and the upkeep of the parish.  Please remember to keep our parish councillors in your prayers as they tend to the welfare and good administration of this parish.

Church Beautification: A small group of dedicated parishioners ensure the cleanliness and adornment of our church, in addition to baking liturgical bread.

Coffee Hour: After Liturgy each week, we have Coffee Hour, which is a time for sharing and building relationships, as well as speaking informally with our parish clergy.  All welcome!

Bookstore and Library: Our Bookstore and Library are available after Sunday Divine Liturgy, with an array of books, CDs and prayer-related jewellery for the benefit of parishioners and visitors of the parish.  Please see Martin (bookstore) or Fr Matthew (library) at church for more information.

Charity and Stewardship: Our parish coordinates charitable giving for those who are sick or in need.  We also encourage the spiritual discipline of returning to God a portion of His gifts, including our time, our talents and our treasure – asking our parishioners and friends to prayerfully consider God’s blessings in your life and then determine to offer a portion of them back in thanksgiving to Him for ministry in His Name.

Parish Education: The Parish Education ministry at our parish has the responsibility to teach all who are interested about our faith. For newcomers to the Faith, Fr Andrew runs catechism classes for people who are inquiring into Orthodoxy and wish to be baptised.  He also runs educational series’ on liturgics and a Bible study. For more details, please speak to him at church or contact him electronically.

Parish History and Honour Roll: Our Parish Archivist, Nicholas, has compiled documents able to be used in forming a Parish History.  Further, in gratitude to those who have served a number of terms on the Parish Council and in leading in Parish Ministries (since our 2009 reopening), we have compiled an Honour Roll, which is viewable online.

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