Parish Council and Parish Administration

Parish Council: Our parish council is elected at the parish’s AGM in September of each year, and is responsible for co-ordinating parish activites and the upkeep of the parish. Please remember to keep our parish councillors in your prayers as they tend to the welfare and good administration of this parish: Fr Andrew, our rector; Andrew, our warden; Fr Matthew, our secretary; Rita, our treasurer; and Nicholas, Alexandra, Anne, Janet and Martin, our parish councillors.  Please contact us for more information.

Some policies our Parish Council has been working on include:

  • Workplace Health and Safety: Our Warden is, ex officio, the WHS Officer for our parish, to ensure that any risk at our parish is eliminated, mitigated, reduced or notified about.
  • Privacy Management: Our Parish Secretary is, ex officio, the Privacy Officer for our parish, to ensure that any information collected is used only for intended purposes. You can read our privacy policy via this link.
  • Child-Safe Child-Friendly: Our parish has put into place our Child-Safe Child-Friendly policy, which all Councillors agree to and which all parishioners and visitors are obliged to abide by.  Our CSCF Officer is Martin, one of our Parish Councillors.  For more information, see our CSCF section.

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