Parish History and Honour Roll

Special thanks to our Parish Archivist, Nicholas, for compiling our Parish History books.  His role has been key in facilitating our Parish History.

We wish to thank all those people who have taken on official positions at our parish.

In particular, we wish to honour the service of those parishioners who have served in official positions for at least 5 years.

Parishioners who have served
since our parish’s revitalisation in 2009

Nicholas Dmitrovsky-Baikoff Chairman: 2009, 2010;
Secretary: 2010-2014;
Parish Councillor: 2009, 2014-present.
Gregory Scanlan Parish Councillor: 2009-2015;
Choirmaster: 2009-2017.
Olga Malisheff
Reposed in office
Head Sister: 2010-2015;
Parish Councillor: 2015-2017.
Andrew Katavic Parish Councillor: 2012-2013;
Warden: 2013-present.


Parishioners who have served between
our 1972 founding and our 2009 revitalisation

Benjamin Golovanoff Warden: 1972-1984.
Cyril Martin Warden: 1984-1996.
Nicholas Dmitrovsky-Baikoff Parish Councillor: 1986-88, 1994-95.
Secretary: 1995-2009.
Walter Ponomaruk Warden: 1996-2009.
Unfortunately, we have yet to thoroughly examine our records to establish all the people who served between 1972-2009. If you have further details, please contact us using the form below.


In addition, we would like to honour our Life Members:

Mrs Olga Pavlovna Golovanoff

Elected unanimously at the 2015 Annual General Meeting.

From the Minutes: Mrs Olga Golovanoff “was a founding member of the parish in the 1970s, and was a trustee of the parish for decades, and even at the age of 97 is still a faithful parishioner and is present at most Divine Liturgies. Because of her steadfast support of the parish, she was proposed to be a life member of the parish.”
“Due to the overwhelming support for this motion, all members present took the opportunity to enthusiastically second the motion.”

Mrs Olga Golovanoff reposed in March 2017.  Eternal Memory!


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