Worship, Sacraments and Pastoral Care

Our worship is led by our parish priest, Fr Andrew Smith, assisted by our deacon, Fr Matthew White.


We have an active liturgical calendar, with many opportunities to encounter Christ through worship and prayer.

  • Saturdays at 6pm: We have a Vigil service that generally finishes around 8:15pm.  A quiet service of reflection, education and prayer, which is predominantly prayed by candlelight.
  • Sundays at 8:30am: We celebrate the Divine Liturgy – our ‘communion service’.  This is followed by Coffee Hour.

We also have services for the Great Feastdays of our calendar that mimic this – celebrating the feast day with the Divine Liturgy, and the evening prior with Vigil.  Additionally, we also celebrate other saint’s days with Matins & Divine Liturgy (from 8am).

The easiest way to keep track of our services (and any changes) is to download this month’s schedule – always available at: HolyAnnunciation.net/Schedule

All people of good will are welcome to attend and pray at our services.

Pastoral Care

If you have a need for pastoral care, please contact Fr Andrew directly.

Matters that Fr Andrew is available for include:

  • Birth of a Child: Prayers at birth, Naming prayers (8th day), and Churching prayers (40th day)
  • Home: Blessing of a House (new or existing) and the Blessing of a Vehicle (incl. cars, boats, ships, planes, or bikes)
  • Farms and Animals: Prayers for bad weather, seed-sowing, removing insects from fields, barns, herds or flocks, vineyards, wells, bees, beehives, and for finding water
  • Items: Prayers for Wine, Salt, and Fishnets
  • Illness and Housebound: Prayers for the Sick, Home Unction, and Communion of the Sick
  • Death: Blessing a grave, Blessing a tombstone or grave-cross, Prayer at the time of death, and Memorial services (Panikhida)
  • At Church: Blessing icons, and blessing a cross
  • Other Prayers: For learning difficulties, for beginning a new task, for travel, and for thanksgiving
  • Sacraments: Baptism & Chrismation, Communion (in the context of the Divine Liturgy), Confession (during Vigil or by appointment), Unction in church, and Marriage.
  • Discussions: Pastoral counselling, and for discussions to do with Orthodox Christianity.

For any of these matters, please contact Fr Andrew directly.

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