Great Lent 2018

Great Lent 2018

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In 2018, we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Sunday 8 April.

This page is a resource for this vital season in our church calendar.



21 January: Zacchaeus Sunday.  This is the first Sunday of Pre-Lent.

28 January: Sunday of the Publican and the Pharisee.

4 February: Sunday of the Prodigal Son.

11 February: Sunday of the Last Judgement; and, Meatfare Sunday.  (Memorial Service on Saturday 10/Feb)

18 February: Forgiveness Sunday; and, Cheesefare Sunday.


Great Lent

19-22 February: Clean Week.
We serve Great Compline from Monday through Thursday.

25 February: The Sunday of Orthodoxy.
At the close of Liturgy, we serve the Moleben for the Astray.

4 March: Sunday of St Gregory Palamas.

11 March: Sunday of the Holy Cross.
At the Vigil service for this day, near the end of the service, we bring out the Cross for veneration.  During this service – unlike most Sundays – the faithful are invited to make full prostrations to venerate the Cross.

18 March: Sunday of St John of the Ladder.

21 March: Matins with the Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete.

25 March: Sunday of St Mary of Egypt.
NB: On the day prior to this, we will have our parish cleanup and working bee in preparation for Great Lent.

Unction: At our parish, this is generally served late in Lent, as a preparation for the Resurrection.  Please see the Unction resource page for more information.


Holy Week

31 March: Lazarus Saturday.
We serve Matins on the Friday evening and Divine Liturgy on the Saturday.  After the Liturgy, we make palm crosses.

  • Tutorial for making Palm Crosses (coming soon)

1 April: Palm Sunday.
We serve the Festal Vigil on the Saturday evening, blessing the palms and branches, and the Divine Liturgy on the Sunday morning.

1-2 April: Holy Monday.
Our parish doesn’t have services for this day – we invite those interested to visit other parishes.

2-3 April: Holy Tuesday.
Our parish doesn’t have services for this day – we invite those interested to visit other parishes. (See below for Holy Wednesday services, celebrated on Holy Tuesday evening).

3-4 April: Holy Wednesday.
This year, we will celebrate the Matins of the Bridegroom on Tuesday 3 April.

4-5 April: Holy Thursday.
We serve the Matins of the Mystical Supper on Wednesday 4 April, and the Divine Liturgy on Thursday 5 April.

5-6 April: Holy Friday.
We serve the Matins of the Crucifixion, with the 12 Passion Gospel Readings, on Thursday 5 April.  On Friday 6 April, we serve the Royal Hours for Good Friday.

6-7 April: Holy Saturday.
On 6 April, we serve the Vespers of the Shroud in the afternoon and the Matins of the Lamentations in the evening.  On 7 April, we serve the Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Holy Saturday, celebrating the destruction of Hades.
NB: In 2018, this day is when the Patronal Feastday of our parish is served.  The usual festivities will be postponed and celebrated around the feastday of the Archangel Gabriel (which will be celebrated on 20-21 July).

7-8 April: The Resurrection of Christ.
On 7 April, prior to midnight, we serve the Midnight Office of the Shroud.  Then, as midnight falls, we have the Paschal Procession around the church, followed by Paschal Matins and Divine Liturgy, in celebration of the Resurrection of Christ.

On the evening of 8 April, it is the local custom for all clergy to concelebrate the Paschal Vespers at one of the churches. In 2018, Holy Annunciation has the honour of hosting this service.


Bright Week

15 April: Thomas Sunday.  We will serve Matins and Divine Liturgy on this day.

We welcome you to worship Christ with us!