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FAQ for the Couple

Where can I buy wedding icons?
These can be purchased from a variety of places. We recommend inquiring of the parish bookstores of any of the churches in Brisbane.

What do I do with the wedding candles?
These go on your icon corner, as a reminder of your commitment to one another and your journey towards heaven together.

Do I need to supply wedding crowns?
In our liturgical tradition, parishes typically have a set of crowns which are used for weddings. However, if you wish to provide your own, please discuss this with Fr Andrew.

Is there a dress code?
Each attendee is asked to wear modest clothing suitable for entering an Orthodox church – that is, with men wearing a collared shirt with pants, and women wearing attire covering from shoulders to clavicle and to the knees. The Bride is reminded that, as the wedding crowns go onto the head, to be mindful of this fact when arranging hair or veils.

Are there any other people involved in the ceremony?
There are two witnesses to an Orthodox wedding ceremony, at least one of whom must be an Orthodox Christian in good standing.

How long does the service go for?
The real answer to this question is ‘as long as it takes’, but based on past experience: somewhere between 45 minutes (with a soloist using simple melodies) to an hour (with a full choir).

When can we have our wedding?
There are a number of days in the year when it is not permitted to serve a wedding, to allow the faithful to participate fully in the Church’s liturgical life. For dates when this is the case, please view the page of St Nicholas’ church in Newcastle. For many practical reasons, we strongly recommend marriages on Sundays. NOTE: Please discuss potential wedding dates with Fr Andrew before booking any other venues.

What about a choir?
Our parish choir may be able to sing at your wedding. Generally, the choir have already selected the music that they will sing at the wedding. Please speak to Fr Andrew regarding such arrangements.

For Photographers and Videographers

The vast majority of the service happens in the centre line of the main body of the church.

Photos before, during and after the ceremony are not a problem.

We ask to avoid three things:

  • Please do not use flash photography.
  • Please do not cross between the priest and the couple, or the priest and the altar, during the service.
  • Please do not stand on the raised platform at the front of the church.

There are some key parts of the ceremony which photographers may wish to be mindful of. For your convenience, we’ve also suggested some placements for where to take these photos (remembering that the church faces East). These are, in order:

  1. The exchange of rings (perpendicular to priest & couple); 
  2. The procession from betrothal to crowning (Northeast or Southeast);
  3. The inquiries (perpendicular to priest & couple); 
  4. The crowning (many angles are good, starting with perpendicular to priest & couple); 
  5. The Common Cup (Northeast or Southeast);
  6. The ‘Dance of Isaiah’ (again, many angles are good, as the priest will lead the couple in a circle around the main icon three times);
  7. The removal of crowns (Northeast or Southeast);
  8. The greeting of the couple (at the end of the service).

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