About Orthodoxy

We are an Orthodox Christian congregation living the ancient, biblical faith of the New Testament Church; a part of the same Church that was founded by Christ, preached by His apostles, and carried on by their successors, through the centuries, to us today.

The faith we live is the faith of the New Testament Church, devoting ourselves “to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to the prayers” (Acts 2:42), just as the historic New Testament Church was devoted to these. We believe that Jesus is the Word of God made flesh, sent to die for our sins, raise us to eternal life and unite us with His Father in heaven. We believe that knowing about God is not enough – rather, we need a relationship with Him. We believe that sacraments are not just symbolic, but the communication of God’s love to us.  In short, we believe that our Church is the present day experience of New Testament Christianity.

There is a lot to Orthodox Christianity – much more than can be adequately dealt with in a single page.  Our catechism course, for example, is at 10 weeks – just to give the foundations for life as an Orthodox Christian.

However, there are resources that can help.

Firstly, there are books which have been placed online (and are free of charge).

  • The Orthodox Faith is a series of four books – on Doctrine & Scripture, on Worship, on Church History, and on Spirituality – which give an accurate description of the life of the Orthodox Church as it is believed and practiced today.  It was written by Fr Thomas Hopko, Dean of St Vladimir’s Seminary in New York (1992-2002).
  • thesetruthsweholdThese Things We Hold is a book written by a Monk of St Tikhon’s Monastery in Pennsylvania, and contained a number of articles on Church History, Feasts of the Church, Dogma and Doctrine, Icons, Monasticism, Prayer, Scripture, Symbolism, Worship, the Church Building and its Servers, and Sacraments.

Secondly, we have been able to curate educational videos on Orthodoxy.

  • Since 2012, we have been putting on Public Catechism courses. These are being recorded, in the endeavour to put as much material from it online as possible. To date, we have a video introducing Orthodoxy, and videos on topics such as on Church history, the Divine Liturgy, the Lord’s Prayer, the 10 Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount, and Baptism.
  • In addition to creating content, we have also created a playlist of videos on Orthodoxy from around the internet. This includes speakers like Frederica Mathewes-Green, Be The Bee‘s Steven Christophorou, Fr Barnabas Powell, and also features The Ancient Church, a video about 2000 American Evangelicals who converted to Orthodoxy in the late 1980s.

Finally, we have some online articles that we are hosting on our website:

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