As blessed by our Archbishop, Metropolitan Hilarion, we invite you to take part in the Pledging Programme for Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church. If you are able to pledge a contribution – whether effort, finances or materials – please view this document.

Stewardship is the spiritual discipline of looking at the gifts that God has bestowed upon you, prayerfully considering His bountiful mercy, and returning to God a portion of these gifts in thanksgiving. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ commands us to “lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal” (Matt:6:20).

This personal sacrifice of material things toward the spiritual has been a fundamental part of the life of the People of God for millenia, as recorded in Genesis and continues to be so today in the New Testament Church. By donating towards the upkeep of the Temple, we give honour to our Creator and we remind ourselves that in truth, nothing in this world belongs to us, but that we are merely custodians of it for a short time until we leave this world.

The gifts that are given are generally in three types:

  • Treasure (financial or material donations),
  • Time, and
  • Talents (and abilities)

Each of these are able to be returned to conduct God’s work and to minister in His Name.

We ask that each parishioner (along with any person who wishes to support our work) considers the gifts that God has given them, and to respond appropriately. Below are some suggestions on how this can occur:

If you are in the financial position to give money to Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, there are two easy ways of doing so:

Direct Deposit
BSB: 064132
Account: 904659
Name: Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church
Reference: (Suggested: Donation NAME)

If you prefer to use PayPal, or live overseas, please click on this button:

Please note – if you are able to give by direct deposit, please choose this option;
this is because PayPal does take a percentage for its role in the transaction.

Also: if you are able to give on a regular basis – no matter the size of the donation – this would be greatly appreciated. Please refer to our pledging programme for details.
Also, letting us know of this would allow us to plan ahead.

For the provision of other material donations required by the parish, please ask.

There are multiple avenues that the parish needs help in already established ministries, particularly:

Maintenence of the parish building
Research (Biblical and Patristic)
Graphic Design
Letterbox drops
And more – please ask how you can help!

If you have a special talent and are able to assist our parish – whether in an existing ministry, or a new ministry entirely – please let us know!


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