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Icon Project

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At our 2017 Annual General Meeting, our parish decided to step out in faith to beautify our church, and to embark on an Icon Project.

We will be decorating our church with icons, in a manner common to other Russian Orthodox parishes, and in a manner that allows us to plan ahead for the future.

STAGE 1: Moving the ‘Shrine Icons’.  These icons are a fixture of our church, and we intend to keep them that way – by removing the base (i.e. below theshelf), raising the icons, and affixing them to the North and South walls of the Nave of the church.

STAGE 2: Installing rows of icons.  Adding to the Shrine Icons will be other icons located around the church, in A3 and A4 sizes.  These rooms include the Altar, the Nave, the Narthex, the Confessional/Crucifixion Room, and the Choir Room.

It is Stage 2 that will be the most time-consuming stage, and it is this one where we are asking for people to consider a contribution for the beautification of Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church.

The intention at present is to improve our church, wall by wall.  Our first focus will be on the Nave (the main body of the church), and on the Altar, though we are looking to extend this to the rest of the church.

Costs can vary considerably for these.  We have made some rough calculations, and entire walls are able to be donated, with the most cost-effective methods allowing donations for walls to start from $75, up to $500.

Would you consider donating an icon, or a wall of icons?

We are asking for assistance to beautify our church.
However, to be clear: we don’t want you to divert money away from supporting your church – however, if you are able to make an additional offering for the beautification, then we would appreciate your donation.

These may be donated anonymously, or may be donated with names given to clergy for prayer each Divine Liturgy among our benefactors, or a small inscription may be installed so that others in the future will be able to see your name (or the person on whose behalf you are donating) and offer thanksgiving prayers for you and your donation.

Donors would also be able to ask for icons of particular saints or feasts to be selected, and (where possible) we will attempt to facilitate this.

If you’re able to contribute to this project, please contact Fr Andrew using the form below, or speak with him at church.

Thank you for your consideration!

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