Resources for Catechumens

Resources for Catechumens

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Welcome to our resources page for catechumens!

A catechumen is someone who is being actively prepared for baptism.  In our liturgical tradition, there is a specific service for this.  Prior to this, a person is considered an ‘inquirer’.  The time spent approaching the Church is a valuable time, laying the foundation for the life in Christ, with both prayer in church as community, and instruction in Orthodox theology and practices.

There are a number of requirements for catechumens to be received into the Church at Holy Annunciation, including attending services and attending our 16 talks (called ‘catechism’) – spanning from August to December, then February to April, each year.

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Resources for Inquirers and Catechumens

  • Handbook for Catechumens (compulsory reading)
  • Small Prayer Book.
    • This has Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, and Prayers before Meals – according to the translation from Jordanville (which is the same as we use at Holy Annunciation).
    • It is designed at A6 size – that is, small enough to fit into a pocket or a small purse.
    • How to assemble:
        • Download the file and print the normally. (nb. PDFs can open in web browsers or in Adobe Reader).
        • When you cut it in half (i.e. cut parallel to the short edge), then you will have the makings of two booklets (one for travel, one for staying at home).
        • Fold each booklet in half (i.e. perpendicular to the previous cut).
        • Add 2 staples along the fold line.
        • Use daily!


  • Personal Information Form (required prior to admission as a catechumen)
  • Patron Saint Form (required prior to baptism)
  • Prayer Rule Form (required prior to baptism)
  • Renunciations and Affirmations Form (required prior to baptism)

Note: The forms have not yet been uploaded.
Please speak directly to Fr Andrew for access to these.