Orthodox Christians are people who follow God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – within the Church founded by Jesus Christ around 33AD.  [About our Faith]


Holy Annunciation is a group of Orthodox Christians who live in Brisbane and who glorify God using the English language in our worship.  [About our Parish]


Our parish priest, Fr Andrew, leads our community in welcoming all people of good will to our services.  [Our Clergy]


Ours is a friendly atmosphere where it is the norm to seek, find and follow Truth.  [For First‑Time Visitors]


Each weekend, we typically welcome around 70 people to our regular services - celebrating Vespers on Fridays at 5pm, Vigil on Saturdays at 6pm, and the Divine Liturgy on Sundays at 8:30am.  Additionally, we celebrate services on major feastdays of the Christian liturgical calendar, and host a Bible Study on Wednesdays at 7pm.  [Services & Events]



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Our parish survives by what our parishioners and friends contribute to us.


If our work is important to you, and you are able, please consider giving through your time, labours, abilities, or resources.


If you are able to donate financially to our parish, the easiest way is direct deposit:

BSB: 064132
Account: 904659
Name: Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church
Reference [suggested]: Donation NAME

If you would prefer donate your time, labours or abilities to our parish, or would like to know more, please see our Ministries page and contact Fr Andrew directly.


Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church
Woolloongabba, Brisbane
Queensland, Australia

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