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Our Congregation Today
Our church community are a group of Orthodox Christians located in Brisbane, Australia, who strive to follow Christ in the Church that He founded.  At present, we are the only Orthodox Christian parish in Brisbane dedicated to the worship of God in the English language.


Each weekend, we typically welcome around 70 people to at least one of our regular services. Our parishioners are from all over the world, with birthplaces spanning from Australia and New Zealand, to Eastern Europe and Southeast Asia, South Africa, South America, and beyond. Some of our parishioners have been Orthodox before they could walk, while the majority of our adult parishioners chose to be Orthodox later in life.  All are united by our common faith, and we have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where it is the norm to seek, find and follow Truth.


We welcome any to join us, and to experience the Church that Christ founded.  [Our Services & Events]


First Time Visitor Information
If this is your first time visiting our church, we encourage you to view our Visitor Information Page.


Our Location

See our services page for location details


Our Parish Feastday: The Annunciation of the Theotokos
Our parish is dedicated to the Holy Annunciation, one of the major feastdays of our Church calendar. We sing how it is the ‘beginning of our salvation’ – because the story of the salvation of humanity by Jesus Christ begins with His conception, when He took human flesh. You can read more about it on OrthodoxWiki.


Our Parish History
Founded in 1972, our parish made history in the mid-1980s by being the first Orthodox parish in Australia to have all services in the English language.  You can read more on our Parish History page.



Our Clergy

Fr Andrew leads our parish, assisted by Fr Stephen, along with Subdeacons John and Palladios.  You can learn more on our Clergy page.


Our Parish Ministries
There are many ways that parishioners of Holy Annunciation serve within their parish.  You can learn more on our Ministries page.


Our Faith
Orthodox Christians are people who follow God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – within the Church founded by Jesus Christ around 33AD.

If you’d like to know about the Orthodox Faith, please see the ‘About Orthodox Christianity‘ section of this website.




- BSB: 064132
- Account: 904659
- Name: Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church

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