Entering the Kingdom:
The Catechetical School of Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church, Brisbane


Entering the Kingdom is a series that will teach you about all the fundamental teachings of the Orthodox Church – including the Nicene Creed, who is God, what humans are and how we are saved, how we are to live, the Sacraments of the Church that Christ founded, and how we are to get closer to our loving God.


We’ll be addressing important issues for Orthodox Christian life and faith, in a way that everyone will understand and be able to apply it to their own life.


For those seeking to enter the Orthodox Church, completing this Course in full is compulsory - including watching the talks, attending the Q&A sessions (on Zoom), and completing the homework tasks.

It is both open and highly recommended for all who wish to learn more about Orthodox Christianity - whether you've just heard about this ancient faith, or you are Orthodox and want to know and understand your faith more.


All talks are in English, and are designed for those aged 16 and up.


The course is currently running, the next Catechism Course is currently scheduled to begin in late October.


If you would like to be added to the email information list for the course starting in October please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




How is this course done?

There are 17 sessions in this series. 


For each talk, our participants will watch the video of Fr Andrew (or a guest presenter) delivering the talk.  During this, participants are asked to write down any and all questions that they have. The participants are asked to watch the videos at a time that suits them (before the Q&A session).


Then, participants will log in to a Q&A session with Fr Andrew, on Sunday evenings.  All questions about the talk are specifically welcomed, as well as any question relevant to the inquirer.


Lastly, participants will answer questions as part of a homework task.


Each of these are accessible through the links below.




Part One: Introduction.


Session 1: A Beginners Guide to Orthodoxy
Q&A: The next course is currently scheduled to start in late October.
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism1
Synopsis: We’ll answer, ‘What is the Good News of Salvation?’, before outlining Orthodox theology, practice and spirituality.


Session 2: A Brief History of Church
Q&A: The next course is currently scheduled to start in late October.
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism2
Synopsis: The story of God’s love for us – from Jerusalem in 33AD to Brisbane today.



Part Two: The Creed.


Session 3: The Triune God
Q&A: The next course is currently scheduled to start in late October.
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism3
Synopsis: We’ll explain our belief in the Triune God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit, yet one God.


Session 4: One Lord, Jesus Christ
Q&A: The next course is currently scheduled to start in late October.
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism4
Synopsis: We’ll answer ‘who is this Man, Jesus Christ’, discussing the Divine and Human natures of Christ.


Session 5: The Nature, Value & Purpose of the Human Person
Q&A:  7pm, Sunday 3 July
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism5
Synopsis: In this talk, we talk about the God’s purpose for humanity, the impact of both the Fall and the Resurrection on humanity and individuals, the nature of the human person, and our common existential crisis and its resolution.


Session 6: Our Return to God
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 10 July
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism6
Synopsis: We believe God loved us too much to let us be away from Him.  We’ll discuss what sin is, and how humanity was saved from it by Christ; and, we’ll talk about how we are individually saved, and how we repent from our own sins.


Session 7: Christ’s Church
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 17 July
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism7
Synopsis: What it means to be ‘One’, ‘Holy’, ‘Catholic’, ‘Apostolic’ and ‘Church’, and why being Orthodox matters.


Part Three: Praxis.


Session 8: The Sacrament of Ordination and the Church Today
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 24 July
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism8
Synopsis: We'll be talking about the Sacrament of Ordination, the various ranks of clergy in the church and the various roles that laity can undertake.


Session 9: A Guide to the Spiritual Life
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 31 July
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism9
Synopsis: We’ll explaining how we reconnect with God, and look at spiritual disciplines like prayer, fasting, charity, and more.


Session 10: Our Customs and Practices
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 7 Aug
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism10
Synopsis: In this talk, we explain the things that we ‘just do’, but also why we do them, and how they transmit the faith.


Session 11: ‘Be Ye Holy’: Ethics for Orthodox Christians
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 14 August
Synopsis: How Orthodox should behave and conduct themselves, and the Orthodox approach to various ethical issues.


Part Four: Services & Sacraments.


Session 12: Vigil & Confession
Q&A: 7pm,  Sunday 28 August
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism12
Synopsis: We’ll discuss our Saturday evening service, which gives us a space for prayer, musical education, and Confession.


Session 13: Liturgy & Communion
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 4 September
Synopsis: We’ll discuss the sequence and meaning of the Divine Liturgy, the significance of the church building where we celebrate the Liturgy, and the importance of the Sacrament of Communion to our lives.


Session 14: Baptism & Chrismation
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 11 September
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism14
Synopsis: We’ll discuss the theological and practical aspects of the Sacrament where Christians are born.


Session 15: Marriage and Other Services
Q&A: 7pm,  Sunday 18 September
Synopsis: We have a number of Sacraments and even more services.  We go through some of the most important ones – including Marriage, Unction, the Moleben and the Water Blessing.


Part Five: Conclusion.


Session 16: Memorials, Funerals & the Soul
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 25 September
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism16
Synopsis: We’ll discuss what happens to a person who has died, and how those left behind can best care for them.


Session 17: Evangelism and Apologetics
Q&A: 7pm, Sunday 2 October
Link: www.HolyAnnunciation.net/Catechism17
: How we can respond to common attacks on belief, Christianity and Orthodoxy, and even share our faith with others.






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