Our parishioners have shown their great patience and perseverance as the effects of this pandemic continues to swirl in our world, country and city.  This resource page has been created in the aftermath of the snap lockdown for Greater Brisbane, put in place for 8-11 January.


How are we managing attendance?

We are asking all who wish to attend our services to fill in the attendance form every month.  This is available at:


What are the relevant Directions from our civil authorities?

The Queensland Chief Health Officer issues Public Health Directions.  As a Place of Worship under civil law, we are obligated to follow these Directions as they apply to us.  Despite these, we do our very best to care for our parishioners and friends as well as we are able.


For the 11-22 January restrictions, we are under the 'Restrictions for Impacted Areas Direction' (No. 2, issued 11/Jan).

Otherwise, we are under the 'Restrictions on Businesses, Activities and Undertakings Direction' (No. 12, as of 8/Jan).



What services is Holy Annunciation providing?

A government restriction does not mean that our spirituality ceases (or even pauses).  With the experience of the Lenten lockdown (Mar-May 2020), together with subsequent feedback, research and deliberation, we are able to provide two principle options to support the spiritual life and development of our parishioners and friends through services.


Services in Person

We are continuing to have services in person.  Those who have filled in an attendance form are eligible to attend.  Fr Andrew sends invitation e-mails each week.

While have density limits, we aim for each person to be able to attend each week, and for each person to be able to attend Liturgy at least each fortnight.

  • From 11-22 January, services include regular weekend services (Saturday evening and Sunday morning), services for Theophany Eve (Sunday evening and Monday morning), and services for Theophany (Monday evening and Tuesday morning).  Please see the Attendance Form to book.
  • Also, please note that this Direction requires that, for our parish to continue operating, masks are required of attendees.  Details on this are provided to each attendee in the invitation e-mail.

To find the Attendance Form, please see:



One option for those unable to attend: Regular weekend services, as well as services for Great Feastdays, are livestreamed.


From 11-22 January, this includes Saturday at 6pm, Sunday at 8:30am and 6pm, Monday at 8:30am and 6pm, and then Tuesday at 8:30am.

  • Saturday, 6pm: Vigil.
  • Sunday, 8:30am: Divine Liturgy.
  • Sunday, 6pm: Matins for Theophany Eve.
  • Monday, 8:30am: Vesperal Divine Liturgy for Theophany Eve.
  • Monday, 6pm: Great Vigil for Theophany.
  • Tuesday, 8:30am: Divine Liturgy for Theophany.

Services are livestreamed at

(nb: while this is broadcast via Facebook Live, no Facebook account is required to watch the service - simply click the link at the starting time)


In addition, a number of livestreams are available from parishes across the country.  We can suggest the following interstate parishes (nb: times given according to Brisbane time):

  • Good Shepherd Orthodox Mission (Melbourne - Antiochian Archdiocese).  English-language.  Sunday, 9am, on YouTube (link).
  • St Nicholas Cathedral (Brisbane - ROCOR).  Slavonic-language services.  Sunday, 8:30am, on YouTube.
  • Vladimir Icon Russian Orthodox Church (Brisbane - ROCOR).  Slavonic-language services.  Sunday, 8am, on YouTube.
  • Sts Peter and Paul Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Sydney - ROCOR).  Slavonic-language services.  Sunday, 8am, on YouTube (link).
  • Holy Protection Russian Orthodox Cathedral (Melbourne - ROCOR).  Slavonic & English languages.  Sunday, 8am, on YouTube (link).
  • Many, many other Orthodox churches around the country:


Readers Services

Another option for those unable to attend in person: Pray the Readers Services in the home.  Typika is the service prayed if a Liturgy is not able to be attended.


What other support is provided through Holy Annunciation?

The Greater Brisbane snap-lockdown of 9-11 January taught us that we can never take our services for granted, and that each opportunity to be with the Body of Christ in our local parish must be taken while it can be.


There are a variety of prayers we can be offering for a variety of topics.  (NB: as composed prayers are found, they will be linked to).

  • Prayers during an Epidemic.
  • Prayers for the Sick, including those who are suffering within this Pandemic.
  • Prayers for our Civil Authorities - parliaments, cabinets, officials, police and judiciary.
  • Prayers for our Ecclesiastical Authorities - our Parish Council, our Hierarchs, our Synod, and their advisors.
  • Prayers for all people in our parish - especially those who are struggling (or hiding their struggle).


Fr Andrew is available for pastoral support.  This can be provided via a large number of social media and messaging platforms, and by appointment.  Please contact him directly to arrange.


I'd like to ask a question about something that isn't addressed in this page.

Please contact Fr Andrew directly.


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