Fr Andrew SmithPriest Andrew Smith

Fr Andrew was born and raised in Brisbane. While he was in high school, he embarked on a search for truth and for God’s religion, and after much study into various religions and philosophies, he ultimately stumbled onto Orthodox Christianity. After further research and prayer, he was received into the Church in 2002.


Fr Andrew has tertiary qualifications in Philosophy & Ethics, Education, Human Resource Management and Theology. A married priest, he was ordained to the diaconate in February 2012 and to the priesthood in May 2014, before being appointed Parish Priest (‘Rector’) in August 2017.


In addition to pastoral work, celebrating services and sacraments, and the administrative duties that come with being a parish priest, Fr Andrew is actively involved in parish education, delivering sermons, talks and Bible Study sessions.  He provides pastoral support for detained migrants, and concurrently serves as Parish Priest for St John’s Orthodox Mission, Toowoomba, the only active Orthodox presence on the Darling Downs


In support of his work, Fr Andrew has written two books, ‘Discover the Church: The Whats and Whys of Orthodox Christianity’ (2012) and ‘Every Day the Lord Added’ (2013), and edited a third book, ‘A Gathering of Saints’ (2019).  He is also active online – he has been a sysop of OrthodoxWiki since 2005, has a listing on, and he has an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Reddit.



Sermons at Holy Annunciation are normally given by Fr Andrew. You can see his sermons on YouTube.



Matters that Fr Andrew is available for include:

  • Discussions: Discussions on Orthodox Christianity and pastoral matters.
  • Sacraments: Baptism & Chrismation, Communion, Confession (during Vigil or by appointment), Unction, and Marriage.
  • At Church: Blessing icons, and blessing a cross
  • Birth of a Child: Prayers at birth, Naming prayers (8th day), and Churching prayers (40th day)
  • Home: Blessing of a House (new or existing) or a Vehicle (incl. cars, boats, ships, planes, or bikes)
  • Farms and Animals: Prayers for bad weather, seed-sowing, removing infestations, barns, herds or flocks, vineyards, wells, bees, beehives, and for finding water
  • Items: Prayers for Wine, Salt, Fishnets, and more
  • Illness and Housebound: Prayers for the Sick, Home Unction, and Communion of the Sick
  • Death: Blessing a grave, Blessing a tombstone or grave-cross, Prayer at the time of death, and Memorial services (‘Panikhida‘)
  • Other Prayers: For learning difficulties, for beginning a new task, for travel, and for thanksgiving
  • And more…

For any of these matters, or any other pastoral matters, please contact Fr Andrew directly.


BSB: 064132
Account: 904659
Name: Holy Annunciation Orthodox Church

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